Friday, 29 August 2008

It's good to share

In many ways I am nervous about living on my own (if I ever get a flat). I am someone who really enjoys their own company but there is also nothing quite like the banter you can have with the friends you live with and you do form a kind of family bond which I would really miss.

Of course a lot of people buy a flat and rent out a room to a friend but I'm not sure that I can afford the extra room. More to the point I have never really liked the idea of making money out of friends and also of the relationship being that of landlord and tenant and all the problems that could create.

The relationship a landlord and tenant have, even if they are friends, is fundamentally different. You don't have that shared bond of not owning the place, you can't complain about the hideous colour of the curtains or why they chose those tiles and you can't just phone someone if something breaks.

So eventually we all move on and we couldn't share with friends forever but it can be really fun and I think sometimes people are a bit too keen to miss out on the experience.

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