Monday, 1 September 2008

Viewing number two and the re sale factor

As the snappy title suggests I had another viewing today.

This property was a one bed and much smaller (about 400 square feet). It was also in a beautiful house that has been converted into flats rather than a purpose built block.

The location is great and it doesn't need too much work.

I also definitely got a good feeling about the place.

Walking home I was trying to think in an impartial way about the good and bad points of a really quite small property.

On the plus side the utility bills would be cheap, as would the Council tax (well cheaper... still obviously very expensive...)

I would have to get used to having a capsule wardrobe (something that sometimes feels appealing for about five minutes) but that would probably save me money- money which I would need to pay the large mortgage I would have on my teeny property.

But really the selling point of this flat is it's location, 2 minutes from the overground and about 4 minutes from the tube.

Of course we all know how important location is but does it make up for loosing about 400 square feet?

I kept thinking that for some people, possibly men, it might- but that a lot of women might not appreciate a small living space.

I am trying to focus on buying somewhere that would have wide appeal when I want to sell it on and it's distracting me to some extent I think- but then surely if you buy a one bedroom flat you don't expect to live in it forever and you should buy something that has wide appeal for selling on or renting should you need it.

The problem is it's hard to think with your head and not your heart when you see somewhere you really like...

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