Wednesday, 20 August 2008


So this weekend's two viewings became one because one agent could only see me at 12pm when I was at the other viewing.

This was my first viewing as a serious potential buyer. I have been to viewings with friends and family but never on my own.

The agent couldn't come as they had such a busy weekend of viewings. I know this is very common and I didn't mind meeting the owner on my own (his partner was there too). With hindsight although the vendor was very nice and helpful as I am new to this I really could have done with the help of an agent to wrap things up and put a bit of space between the vendor and I. I am a born people pleaser and have to train myself out of the mindset of it always being suitable to be friendly with people.

I came away with all sorts of confused ideas about not being that keen on the flat but really liking the people- which I am not so silly as to think matters but they know where I live (thanks for telling them agent!) and presumably have my number as I had to phone to say could I come because the agent was too busy (thanks again!) so I don't want them to hound me!

I think the rule about having to see somewhere is definitely true. However on the other hand it also complicates issues more. I knew the block and location and that the flat needed work, had seen the measurements and pictures online (all of which were accurate I must say, not too rose tinted) but seeing the place gave me a more romatizised view of living there and having my own place.

Practically though I think that the location of the flat in the block isn't very strong and I think if I needed to re sell it people would say they didn't like it because they would feel overlooked.

From talking to other agents I know that all this having to do everything myself is unusual but the whole thing has left me with a real feeling of dissapointment in my mouth.

Is it because I am a first time buyer that the agent were so uninterested in me? Is it because I don't have enough to spend? Is it because they just don't care anymore? This flat had been on the market for months and I was really keen and the whole thing just left me feeling vulnerable to being chased by the vendor and like perhaps I was a waste of time and would never find someone I like.

I have still been looking this week but with a lot less zeal.

I am away this weekend so no viewings but I am going to continue to keep my diary of my experiences with all things property/ first time buyer.

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