Sunday, 17 August 2008

Am I a WOFT?

I read this article in Friday's Telegraph with interest, tried to commit to memory some of the witty abbreviations and carried on with my reading.

Later that day the agent rang about my first viewing on Saturday morning. They were sorry but they were very busy (really?) and the vendor would show me themselves. I didn't mind this, I know it's quite normal and didn't really think more of it. However when they didn't bother to reply to my e-mail confirming the details or to follow up with a call I started to wonder- do they think I'm a WOFT? (waste of time).

I found myself slighly offended. I am certainly serious about looking, although this flat was at the very top of my budget I felt almost that I should go back to them and say I was interested just so they didn't call me a WOFT.

To be honest I feel it's the agency that are the WOFT. They failed to respond to 2 e-mail requests for information in 2 seperate weeks. They didn't come to the one viewing on a weekend of a flat they are the sole agent for, which has been on the market for a year.

More on my first viewings to follow...

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