Friday, 6 March 2009

I liked one...

Well I saw a flat I really like the other evening.

It was covered in scary retro rather than happy retro wallpaper and I am not too sure how I would feel about getting in the bath but it's a really great size and spot and I guess just feel positive.

Of course the following day there was even more financial meltdown news than normal.

I still think estate agents must hum to themselves while the news is on. The one who showed me round my flat crush busily told me that last year had been dire (when I was looking last year I was told it really isn't as bad as people make out). He said that it's been so busy since Christmas that they'e really positive etc.

Anyway I am waiting for some more statistics from them and wondering if I should leap!

And of couse am already obsessing over ebay furniture.