Friday, 15 August 2008

How to avoid buying the wrong property

So this morning The Times offers us these top 10 tips on how to avoid buying the wrong property.

The advice feels very timely as I'm off to look at flats this weekend.

It's good to know that the factors they think are important are mostly the ones I had in my mind.

However when I read the article as a whole I did think that many London flats should be discounted altogether. Point 1 tells us to 'Avoid at all costs: busy roads, train and Tube lines, and the flight-paths of major airports, especially those marked for expansion' surely all of London is on the Heathrow flight path at some point during the week, all of London is near busy roads (unless you can bag a lovely mews house which is not quite in my price range)okay not all of London is near a noisy train but if you want to be near enough for a five minute dash in the morning you can often hear the tube/ overground train.

Perhaps the list should be a bit different for London.

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