Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sorry blog

Hello poor, neglected blog.

I have been a very bad writer and neglected you at a time when you are most relevant and I can only apologise and try to do better.

In truth I don't want to constantly moan so end up not wanting to write about viewings because I often come away from them with a bad taste in my mouth.

I think there are two kinds of viewing when you are a first time buyer- and these are basically because there are 2 kinds of agents.

The first type of viewing/ agent is very positive about the fact you are a first time buyer, they realise everyone has been there, they are happy to answer questions and although their commission is lower respect you as they would a 2 million plus town house buyer.

The second type of viewing is where you are made to feel that you don't know anything and told you would be very lucky to get a flat for 5% off, your questions aren't answered quickly and if you don't make an offer within a week you get asked if you are serious about buying a flat. (What I would like to say is yes just not the really over priced one you showed me with a £200 a month service charge...)

However the more you view the more you become slightly immune to the estate agents and just learn to zone them out.

The more I view though the more I wonder if really listing a property without an agent is the way forward. There are literally some flats I would kind of prefer not to pursue because of the agent.

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