Friday, 21 November 2008

The low down on the low end of town

Well firstly last night's estate agent was a nice chap, not too pushy, understanding of first time buyers finding their way and happy to talk fairly honestly about buyers and expectations. I was pleasantly surprised, he was really very good. He was off on holiday today so that might have something to do with his good mood.

The flat I had booked to see in the less nice was an absolutely lovely flat. Very compact but I knew that when I went.

The location isn't good really, it wouldn't bother me too much but I really do think in a tough market being right on a very noisy, grubby road at a major London intersection might not be the best plan; still it was a very happy little place and you have to think, if I am considering it wouldn't other people? The price is certainly agreeable.

The agent, of course, wanted to show me a much bigger flat in a much nicer area that I can't afford.I should have resisted but the temptation to look at nice flats is always strong.

The second flat needed work but is a really good option. It's just 75k too expensive for me... and needs a bit of work, nothing too major though.

I had a really good feeling about both flats though, a positive vibe that has been really lacking in the recent viewings. I really think it was down to the agents good attitude- so I am newly excited... and of course very confused.

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