Thursday, 20 November 2008

Change of address?

This evening I am back on the viewing wagon, but this time I am broadening my horizons and looking at flats in a slightly less salubrious and therefore slightly cheaper area.

What is surprising is that there are actually far more flats I would want to live in in the 'rougher' area. The vendors seem much more house proud and to have done more to their flats than those in the leafier part of town.

I suppose that is probably because to add value they have always had to improve where as in the pick of the South West London area flats were going up up and away in value without anything being done to them.

Still we are always told that location is all so perhaps the shabbier, smaller flat in the better area is still better.

Oh that we could buy a flat as a home rather than having to think about the possibility of having to sell and whether we could all the time.

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