Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Location, Location, Location (or Kirsty and Phil) Special

So I, no doubt along with the rest of the property obsessed nation, tuned in dutifully to find out what the King and Queen of UK property TV had to say about the credit crunch (sorry I tried to think of another phrase but really it is what is, even if we're all fed up with the phrase).

I know there has been quite a lot of backlash against these too, which I don't think is entirely fair. I think the only thing they are a little guilty of is believing that there is no way you can lose on property if you stay in it long enough and perhaps in their endless pursuit of that idea they have perhaps perpetuated the idea that you HAVE to own property. Which in turn leads people to stretch themselves.

Basically speaking though I can't argue with their defensive little chat pointing out they have always said you have to buy for the long term, buy a home, look to add value if you want to add value and not over stretch yourself (although they, like all agents and home finders do tend to think the top of the budget rather than the bottom of the budget is the happiest place to look).

All this aside they made good points about saving a very healthy deposit, only buying something you would be happy to stay in for quite along time and that what is available is probably being sold because it has to be rather than because people want to be selling right now.

I thought the London flat was still bought at too high a price compared to the asking price but the buyer seemed happy with this and I suppose that is all that matters to some degree.

Whatever you say about these two they are engaging and I think I would like to see more focus on the process of negotiation in future programmes as I could certainly do with tips! or one of Kirsty and Phil on hand to deal with agents for me!

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