Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Considering selling myself to buy a flat

Seriously. Well I guess not seriously. But semi seriously.

I mean I know it’s not really a viable option but I do keep thinking all I really want is a place of my own and that so much of life would be easier if that hurdle were crossed.

Of course I could have a studio flat in the outer limits so perhaps that isn’t totally true. But really I don’t see a studio as a long term home. I would have less room in one of those than I do now.

So in terms of a real space if I could just get enough money to get either a mortgage that wasn’t crippling (with an eye to the fact that interest rates may well end up going quite a long way up in years to come) I would feel more settled.

It shouldn’t be so but I do inevitably feel like I am being left behind by those who have their flats or houses. I can tell myself a thousand times but that parents or relatives buying or giving a substantial amount of money towards a home isn’t the same as buying your own place but in reality it doesn’t matter how it’s achieved. Those people have that feeling of being settled. I appreciate that if they have a mortgage of some kind there are new worries involved of course. I know I should embrace a bohemian attitude to no one really ever owning anything

So I do partly, in my more stressed moments, wonder if it would be so bad to resort to selling myself for the things I want most. I do check myself and say this is a kind of madness, although perhaps it isn’t as crazy as it seems.


Red Rum said...

I have often thought about that too. Not that anyone would want me now that I've squeezed out the pups but MAN it would be easy money, wouldn't it?! RRxxx

Rose said...

Hi Red Rum! I'm glad it's not just me. I mean I know it would be awful and all that but for a lifetime of security it does sometimes pop into my head as worth considering! Rxx