Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009: The first post (in which our heroine resumes her search)

Happy New Year!

For various reasons, including family issues, workload, sloth and the state of the economy the big property search was called off in December.

Having had a little time over Christmas I have decided that I do definitely want to keep looking for my own home. This wasn't a decision I reached all that easily. I know it must always feel like a risk to take the plunge into home ownership but at the moment it feels like jumping into wild waters rather than just the deep end.

Thinking it over though I am still frustrated by the idea of all my belongings and I suppose my like always being in a temporary home. Although I want to have a beautiful space to live in and look over interiors catalogues as much as the next person what I really want is a place to lay my hat that I can paint whatever colour I want and not worry about breaking the shower.

With that though comes worries, you are more dependant than ever on the job market, it will remove stress on the one hand but create stress on the other.

How much longer can I delay though. I guess there is never a good time and the time feels like now.

That said I still both want and need a bargain to be able to make this work and I want estate agents to understand that.

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