Sunday, 1 February 2009

The little things

I have been something of a hopeless house hunter since Christmas. I have sent quite a few e-mail enquiries to agents but things must be looking up because they have not e-mailed me back (they seem to like to call you when you explicitly say you can't speak at work but never to e-mail you).

So I haven't actually seen anything for a little while.

I have become very good at looking for the little home things that you try and keep away from when you don't have your own place. The little matching plate sets and pots for seeds and all the clutter that makes a home look lived in but makes one room you rent look like a bazaar or branch of Oxfam.

In truth I wonder a lot of the time if I don't want my own place just to buy clutter. I could almost certainly fill somewhere quite well with what I already have so in truth what I need is a 5 bedroom house to fill with all many of bags for life (really why do I think I need to buy one from every shop I go in), little trinket boxes and candles.

I must stop going into home ware shops until I have a home.

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