Thursday, 4 September 2008

Are estate agents deaf?

So yesterday I had a follow up call from the estate agent for viewng 2.

I asked if he could find out about service charges.

I said this was my only break today (I definitely work in a deskfast and dunch type of office) and I can't answer the phone at work so could he either leave me a voicemail with the informaion or e-mail me. I leave work after the estate agents and I don't think they have to speak to me every time they impart information.

He said yes of course, no problem. He would e-mail me or leave a message with the information and I could call him back when I could or at the weekend. He completely understands and there is no need to talk to me about a simple bit of information like a service charge.

He phoned back later that day and did leave a voicemail... however it gave no information and said could I call him back as soon as I could- he has the information I want!

Great... and he is going to hold it hostage until I sneak out to phone him apparently!

Why say it's okay to not constantly talk to me if it's not?!

Well I will wait until the weekend then. I appreciate this might mean someone else gets in there first but estate agents seem to think I should treat my search as a full time job and I already have one of those and I need to keep it to pay the mortgage on the still very expensive flats they don't want to give me information about.



I lost the love of heaven above...sweet rose...!?...kiss.

Almásy said...

Don't think too much about it, things use to be like this. Here in Spain there is no difference so, please, keep on searching. As someone said, the best is yet to come. Good luck¡