Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Weekend viewing= good

Weekend viewing does eat into my relaxing time but I definitely get a better look at the flats than the after work viewings where the estate agent wants to go home (fair enough) and I have rushed there.

The viewing on Saturday was a really nice flat in a good location.

The living/ kitchen room is a really good size and there is a nice balcony.

The only down sides are that the flat back onto a train line. All the flats locally do because they are the ones that are within a ten minute walk but it would affect the value in tricky market conditions, although I guess they are tricky now and I'm looking at it.

The bedroom was also the smallest one I have seen yet! literally room for a double bed and barely room on either side to get in and a single built in wardrobe and that was it.

So the living space is great but the sleeping space is not so good and I would have to come up with an amazing storage solution for my clothes! Still I'm sure a snug sleeping space makes you feel secure or something. Perhaps I could hang clothes from the ceiling.

It doesn't need any work doing- it has a lovely kitchen and bathroom.

I also I really like and know the area.

The 2 bed was not available to be seen as the owner has decided to let it which I guess isn't a surprise. He probably didn't want to get less than 250K for it and I certainly would have offered less than that.

So so far it's 2 one bed flats that have been of any interest which makes sense really because they are nicer and a 2 bed is a real stretch for my budget so I'm looking at the not so nice ones.

The search continues but with all the worry about finances, banks and jobs it does give you pause and make you think perhaps the rental life is good for the blood pressure. I do keep thinking panic panic what would I do if...

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