Monday, 1 December 2008

How's your search life?

This weekend I have spoken to various people who wanted to know how my property search was going.

As I updated the tenth person I realised that property searches are like sex in Britain; people who aren't on a property search want to hear every morsel of information about your search life so they can live vicariously through you- in much the way people who either aren't having sex or aren't having interesting sex want to hear about other people's life between the sheets (or further afield).

I think it's also quite possible that our own peculiar obsession means the metaphor extends to us all thinking we're not having enough search and resenting it deeply. Do couples lie in bed silently at night worrying the other partner thinks not only are they not having enough sex but they certainly aren't having enough search at the moment? Do they each worry that one of them might stray away because they don't have that vital second or third investment property? Or that he/ she might lose interest because they don't have a project on the go?

Well I am happy to report that my search life is fine. I am a little disinterested at the moment but I suspect if the right property came up it might turn my head.

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